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When choosing carpet to buy and install in your home, consider the comfort level of your family. Different kinds of carpet require different types of maintenance. For busy households with active pets and kids, it is recommended to buy pile style carpet that

  • Hides hair and dirt
  • Is resistant to stains
  • Is easy to clean

A plush style carpet has a more luxurious feel. Commercial-style loop carpet is useful when you want a trackless and durable carpet. Carpet comfort can be adjusted by choosing a thick pad. Besides the feel and look of carpet, consider the maintenance.

The choice boils down to personal preference. If you are unsure, Massud & Sons Floor Covering offers free in-home consultation. Here are some suggestions:


Carpet for the family with pets

Pile is an important aspect in your choice of carpet. The wear-and-tear your carpet will be exposed to should be considered. Pet owners will usually select a style of carpet that hides dander and hair until they can vacuum. Polypropylene, polyester, and durable nylon work well with pets. They are stain-resistant and clean easily when accidents and messes occur.

Carpet for the family that is active

A family that is always going in and out of the home or has kids that regularly run around and get into things, wants a carpet that is easy to clean, durable, and stain resistant. A style that hides little messes and dirt is recommended. The same three choices of polypropylene, polyester, and nylon tend to be chosen by active families.

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