luxury vinyl flooring

Can I use waterproof flooring in my living room?

Yes, this flooring is stylish enough for any room in the house. Not only CAN you use it, but you should.

Many think the kitchen and bath are the only rooms prone to leaks and flooding, but other rooms can be just as susceptible and require waterproof surfaces.

Why do I need it here?

Ask yourself these questions, and the answers will reveal why you will want your flooring to be waterproof:

  • How do I gain entry to the back yard?  With today’s French doors and open layouts, it’s not unusual for them to open from the living or dining areas, or from multiple rooms for that matter.

That means more opportunity to track moisture and water. If you have a pool, you'll be dealing with wet towels and soggy clothing.

  • What’s over the living room? A clogged drain, running faucet or dripping toilet can cause a leak.

  • Where’s the chimney?  From experience, we can tell you that one heavy rainstorm with a high wind from just the right angle can crumble the flashing.  That results in a leak.

  • Is that space in the center of family activity? If it is, there'll be spills, stains, and heavy foot traffic. People will use it to eat, play games, watch television and even sleep.

Okay, but what is it?

This is the most recent version of luxury vinyl flooring (LVF), with the difference being the core:  WPC (wood plastic composite), which offers the highest level of waterproof and moisture protection. No matter how much water it experiences, this core won’t peel, ripple or flake.

It’s also thicker than the original version, resulting in even more enhanced durability.

As for style, you get the same terrifically realistic mimics of wood, tile or stone.  There is the same wide assortment of species, colors, patterns and designs with texturing and embossing that makes the floor look hand-scraped, wire-brushed, distressed or antiqued.

You can get it cut into planks or tile-sized pieces, and those seams make it even more realistic.

Like LVF, this has the same level of affordability and is easy to clean and install.

To learn more, feel free to visit the Massud & Son Floor Covering showroom in Central Falls, RI and ask about our free estimates.