Facts about penetrating oil for your hardwood flooring

Facts about penetrating oil for your hardwood flooring

When remodeling floors, there's a lot to consider. For example, with hardwood flooring, you'll need to decide on species, color, grain pattern–and, most importantly, finish.

The type of finish determines how you'll clean and care for floors. A good one keeps dirt away and even protects the wood.

While you have a lot of choices, by far, the most popular option is penetrating oil.

Fact #1: It becomes part of the wood itself

And that makes it softer and more natural. It highlights the plank undertones, grains, swirls, etc.

That makes the floor genuinely become the main focus of the room. The floors won’t fade in the background.

Your wood floors in Central Falls, RI, will be smooth, warm and more gorgeous than ever.

Fact #2: Penetrating oil hardens from within

That means the oil often doesn't need to be applied again. This is unlike others that eventually wear down.

It also makes the floors ultra strong by preventing scratches and dents. 

Fact #3: easier maintenance

Application's easy without concerns about streaking. The good news is that when hardwood floors are finished with oil, they usually don't need refinishing.

All that's required is regular cleaning with a damp mop, soap, and water. 

Fact #4: low carbon footprint

When finished with plant-based oil, the hardwood floors don't have much impact on the environment combined. They won't trigger allergies because no VOCs or chemicals exacerbate them.

Other benefits of wood floors include:

1.Versatility: Hardwood flooring works with any interior design plan.

2.Real estate value-adding: They have the highest ROI.

3.Cost-effectiveness: They last for decades, eliminating repair and replacement costs.

4.They are classic and timeless: Wood floors always stay in style.

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