Hardwood flooring in Central Falls, RI from Massud & Son Floor Covering

Light vs. dark colors: The many shades of hardwood flooring

One of the questions we hear most often in our showroom is going with light or dark wood floors. While light colors, such as blond, whitewashed, and caramel, are currently trending, that in no way means dark colors are out of fashion. In fact, they can create a stunning design statement.

When you shop for hardwood in Central Falls, RI, many factors should go into your decision. The floor probably takes the most square footage in a room, and it's the foundation of that space. So, whatever color you choose, it should make you feel happy. Choose it because you love it, and it works with your style–not just because it's trending.

Start with the hardwood flooring basics

First, select the wood. Then explore the stains and finishes; which colors most appeal to you? Then determine how they'll look with the wood's grain pattern, the room's furnishings, and your overall decor. Of course, it goes without saying that whatever you choose should harmonize so your home has a cohesive look.

What kind of mood do you want to create?

First, know that cool tones (now trending) make light or dark floors more formal, while warmer tones make a room seem cozier. Generally, light hardwood flooring creates a bright, airy atmosphere and can be just as traditional as contemporary. Dark floors are sophisticated and dramatic, especially when combined with contrasting bold colors. Make sure you look at natural light and room size as they will also affect your decision.

Consider lifestyle and maintenance

Light floors hide dust, scuffs, and scratches better, while dark floors camouflage dirt. If you have a light or dark-haired pet that sheds, that will also affect your choice of color. 

We know flooring is a significant investment, and we carry only the top hardwood flooring brands. Massud & Sons showroom, a family-owned company, started in 1972, is located in Central Falls, RI. We work with homeowners and businesses in Smithfield, Seekonk, Providence, and Pawtucket, RI, and are happy to provide free quotes.