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Massud & Son Floor Covering's hardwood flooring care guide

So, you've made the leap and bought that gorgeous hardwood flooring you had your eye on, and now you are wondering how to be sure it will look just as good in the years to come as it does right now. Many people think that wood floors are difficult to care for, thanks to the elegant, upscale reputation they have, but, really, nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, hardwood floors are some of the easiest floors to maintain once you know the basics. If you're wondering what those basics are, this one is for you! Here is everything you need to know to keep those gorgeous new wood floors in prime condition for years to come:

Sweep, sweep, sweep!

The easiest way to make sure your floors stand the test of time, is to be sure to regularly sweep them. Sweeping safely removes gritty dust and dirt that gets tracked in, so that it doesn't get the chance to erode the finish of your floors. Failure to sweep up the daily buildup of dirt from your wood floors, puts you at risk of having dull floors that are more susceptible to other forms of damage and wear.

If you prefer to use a vacuum, always be sure to disengage the beater brush. Failure to do so, could end in some pretty serious damage to your floors that could require professional help to repair.

Keep your floors dry

The easiest and quickest way to mess up your hardwood flooring is to expose them to moisture. Wet hardwood floors can warp, separate, and even crack with rapid changes in humidity, or exposure to standing water for extended periods of time.

Be sure to lay down waterproof mats in front of any sinks present in rooms with hardwood floors, as well as in front of any entrance to the home. You may also want to consider instituting a "no-shoes" policy, just to be safe.

Choose the right floors!

The best way to keep your hardwood floors looking great is to consult with an expert as to the best flooring options, hardwood or otherwise, to fit your home and lifestyle. If you would like a little advice on which floors would work best in your home, Massud & Son Floor Covering would love to help!

All that you have to do is contact our showroom in Central Falls, RI, to arrange for a free consultation and flooring estimate. We'll use our years of flooring experience to help you find exactly the style and material you need, to fit your lifestyle, design goals, and budget! Why wait? Get in touch today to get started on your big flooring project!