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The many factors of carpet durability

When shopping for carpet, two main factors determine longevity, performance, and aesthetics. They are fiber and style. In addition, durability depends on your lifestyle and how you plan to use the room because each space has its challenges and priorities, which also becomes a factor.

For example, people and pets run up and down all day, so a stair carpet needs to be tougher than one for a low-traffic area like the bedroom. Explain your remodeling project to our experts in our carpet store in Central Falls, RI, so that we can guide you to the best choice.

Style is important, but looks aren’t everything

Carpet flooring is known for adding elegance and beauty to a room, but if you choose a style that isn't right for your project, it will look worn and dull before its time. Large, active families might consider low pile rugs, some cut-piles, Berbers, and textured surfaces.

Fibers: The rug’s backbone – natural or synthetic?

Fiber is broken into two categories: natural and synthetics. Your choice will depend upon budget and how much you value specific characteristics. 

The five most common fibers

Natural fibers:

  • Woolis natural, durable, soil-resistant, and fire retardant. It's alsosomewhat absorbent, so wipe spills right away.

Synthetic fibers:

  • Nylonis known for its ultra-strength.

  • Polyesteris hydrophobic, meaning it doesn't absorb.

  • Olefin(polypropylene), which is budget-friendly, durable, and mainlyassociated with looped constructions, such as the Berber style

  • Triextais known for superior strength and permanent stain resistance builtinto the fiber.

Modern technology brings unlimited options

Thanks to modern technology, carpet keeps evolving with expanded color
palettes, digital patterning, and innovations that increase stain resistance and durability. In addition, there are special pet-friendly, hypoallergenic and sustainable warranties! 

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