Durable luxury vinyl plank flooring in a Central Falls, RI kitchen

Are luxury vinyl planks (LVP) durable?

Versatile luxury vinyl planks (LVP) can be installed anywhere in the home, and our good quality brands can be expected to last 25 years or more! Massud & Son Floor Covering is a flooring retailer in Central Falls, Rhode Island, that offers a large selection of LVP. Our staff can answer any questions that you may have about this flooring that imitates hardwood.

Let’s get into what makes LVP so durable!

Multiple layers

A vinyl plank ranges in width from 6-inches to 12-inches The plank is usually composed of four layers, which contribute to its durability. The backing layer protects both the subfloor and the plank. The core layer provides stability while the design layer above it offers a realistic 3D printed image of a hardwood plank. A transparent wear layer covers the plank.

Wear layer

Since the wear layer protects the design layer from scratches, stains, and wear, thickness equals durability. While the least expensive brands have a 2 mm wear layer, it is wise to choose a product that features a top layer that is at least 10 mm. The best brands feature a clear layer that covers the wear layer for even more protection from daily abrasion.


Waterproof LVP is not damaged by water even if it is soaked for a long time. Planks do not swell or change in appearance in any way. The integrity of the flooring is not compromised so long term performance and durability are not affected. This floor covering is appropriate for water prone areas like basements, bathrooms, and entryways.


Thin and flexible LVP only needs a clean, flat base for installation so it can be placed on top of some existing flooring. It is usually installed as a floating floor that lays above the subfloor. Planks click together so no glue is needed. A plank can easily be replaced in future years if it is damaged. Some brands come with an attached underlayment that provides softness and warmth.

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