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Affordable and luxurious stair rods

You want a touch of elegance. Something that calls attention immediately, but doesn’t come with the unpleasant sticker shock and useless function of novelty luxury items. The solution for your home could be luxurious stair rods by Massud & Sons! We have teamed up with the savvy designers at Zoroufy to offer you unbelievable products in a variety of modern and classic looks. An unexpected and stylish addition to any staircase, these works of art are made with great attention to detail and come at a surprisingly affordable price. Easy to install and available in a range of styles, you’ll find that these well-crafted stair rods are a great addition to nearly any decor. If you want opulence at a budget-friendly price in Central Falls, there is no better business to come to than Massud & Sons.

Style with stair rods

What do you get the home that has everything, or where do you start with the home that has nothing? If you have stairs, you might consider making them an interesting statement to compliment the rest of your interior design. But once you have placed a carpet stair runner in place, you might find that it is still dull to look at—that’s where our stair rods come in.

With an enticing sheen and durable construction, you can make floor coverings more interesting and useful with this great product. Some of the uses of stair rods include:
  • Concealing mismatched or uneven patterning in a carpet runner.
  • Hide staples or nails used to secure runners on steps.
  • Hold runners in place to prevent shifting due to foot traffic or cleaning.
  • Add visual interest to an otherwise dull space.
  • Add safety to steps frequented by children, pets, or the elderly by preventing slippage.

This classic product can be the difference between a boring stair runner or an interesting focal point in your home, or it can be a little added peace of mind when you walk down the steps as it keeps the runner in place. With such wonderful benefits and simple placement, it’s no wonder they are making a solid comeback in modern homes today!



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Quality craftsmanship equals luxury

The one factor that sets apart the stair rods from Massud & Sons and the cheap imitations that you might see on other websites or in storerooms lies in the quality of the materials and construction. You will be hard pressed to find stair rods with more solid or durable construction. The artisans at Zoroufy have taken the time to design elegant and eye-catching designs to complement any personal aesthetic. Each style can be fitted for your individual staircase and will be fastened securely so that you can enjoy your stair rods for years to come. Best of all, these fine products are available in a range of sizes and at price points that will suit a variety of budgets. Any homeowner can enjoy that extra touch of luxury and beauty that you can find in interior fashion magazines and celebrity homes with a little smart shopping.

Customer service equals Massud & Sons

Unsure of what product to purchase? Curious about customizations or delivery times? Our experienced staff of customer service consultants are standing by to answer any of your pressing questions. For your convenience, we offer service correspondence by e-mail or by phone, giving you access to the expertise of our team at any time. Our delivery times are fast and you can trust that the product you viewed online will be the one that reaches your doorstep, from the quality construction to the look and color. We take the guesswork out of ordering and installing so that you can continue to enjoy your home stress-free. For suggestions, design tips, product information and more, you can find the information you seek quickly and conveniently.

Don’t wait to make your home look the way you have always dreamed! Get the richness in design and the durability in construction that you desire, all at a price you’ll love. Find luxurious and affordable stair rods from Zoroufy at Massud & Sons today and begin transforming your home!