Dustless hardwood refinishing


The benefits of dustless hardwood refinishing from Massud & Sons

When you refinish your hardwood floors, the old finish has to be sanded off. Sanding is done using abrasion to scrape away tiny chunks of finish very quickly until there's none left. These tiny chunks are wood finish dust, and unless you use dustless sanding, once they're scratched off of the floor they become airborne and settle all over your home. Not only is this incredibly messy, it can also be harmful to your respiratory health. Avoid all of that and use a dustless hardwood sanding system, available from Massud & Sons Floor Covering, your New England flooring experts.

Choose dustless sanding because wood dust is the kind of nuisance that is exceptionally irritating. When you inhale wood finish dust, it irritates your lungs and respiratory system. This can cause coughing, sneezing, wheezing, asthma, watering of the eyes, nose bleeds, skin rashes, headaches, and more. More severe symptoms will only arise permanently if the exposure to the wood dust is prolonged, but many of them can arise almost immediately, and will not disappear until all of the wood dust is gone.

Only dustless sanding can prevent you from inhaling enough particles to cause symptoms. If that's not enough motivation to choose dustless sanding, keep in mind that getting rid of the particles, once they're all over your house, is an irritating and difficult task. The particles are incredibly small and become airborne easily. Floating to every corner of the room and set in every nook and cranny is typical of wood dust, and trying to wipe it away will only cause it to become airborne, leading to further irritation.

Solve the problem before it happens with dustless sanding. Massud & Sons Floor Covering uses a high-powered vacuum sander equipped with a HEPA filter to keep the particles out of your air and keep you healthy




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