Pet-friendly vinyl plank flooring in a Central Falls home

Choose vinyl plank flooring for your pet-friendly home

We love our four-legged pets, maybe as much as you do. So how about it? Is vinyl plank flooring a good choice for pet owners? Is it worth looking into? The answer is an absolute, "Yes!"

Typically, there are three things that people with pets are looking for: How well does it clean up, does it hold dander, and will it get scratched up by an animal's nails? In the case of luxury vinyl, it excels in all three areas.

Cleaning luxury vinyl plank

Vinyl plank flooring provides you with a waterproof floor. Moisture will not seep through the floor to your subfloor, nor will the flooring swell, warp, or lose its structural integrity. Using a broom or a mop cleans up most messes very easily. Even urine accidents can be cleaned up with just a touch of white vinegar, and your floor won't be worse for the wear.

Dust and dander are no problem for LVP

While we love our four-legged family, let's face it, but sometimes their dander can trigger allergic reactions. With LVP flooring, this too is not a problem. Hair and dander have no place to get stuck or become embedded and easy to clean with a simple sweeping. Some people report that their allergic reactions to other things, like pollen in the air, diminish after installing their new vinyl plank flooring.

Durable, scratch-resistant flooring

All luxury vinyl flooring is manufactured with a durable wear layer on the surface, and the image of the wood or tile is made to go throughout the whole layer. That translates into two things for the pet owner. First, if your pet has a habit of being a little excitable, their small nails will not typically scratch or scuff the surface of this floor. Second, it means that even if a scratch does accidentally take place, in most cases, it will blend into the overall pattern of the material and will not be noticeable.

While luxury vinyl plank flooring passes all of the practical tests, there is one more important test: appearance. To look at these products' beauty, you need to stop by our Central Falls showroom. Yet, seeing truly is believing. At Massud & Son Flooring we offer a wide variety of luxury vinyl and other floorings as well as professional installation. We serve the areas of Smithfield, Seeking, Providence, Pawtucket, and Central Falls; we would love to help you as well. Give us a call or stop by our showroom; one of our knowledgeable sales associates will show you vinyl plank flooring options for your home.