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Is tongue and groove hardwood flooring a good option for me?

Tongue-and-groove floors refer to fitting two planks pieces together by lining their edges. The purpose is to join them together to make one flat piece.

There is the traditional tongue and groove used in installing solid hardwood flooring. Each plank has a protruding edge (tongue) and a grooved side. The pieces slide together like a puzzle, and the surface is nailed.

Benefits of the traditional tongue and groove

It adds to the beauty of wood floors because it forms very tight seams. The seams minimize the need for nails, enhancing appearance and safety from stepping on nails on bare feet.

It also eliminates some common problems associated with water challenges and wood. For example, wood tends to move to adjust to humidity changes. Also, since the pieces fit together snugly, they’re less likely to cup, crown or gap if the flooring swells or shrinks.

Click and lock/floating floors

Floating floors are a mainstay of engineered wood flooring, another version of hardwood, or wood looks such as luxury vinyl and laminate. 

It's associated with the floating floor technique. Here, pieces click, mat, and hover over the subfloor.

The main advantage is the ease of installation, making it less expensive. It's also easier to pick the flooring up and take it to another room or house with minimal damage. 

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