Engineered hardwood flooring in a Central Falls, RI home

Are engineered hardwood floors durable?

Although engineered hardwood flooring looks identical to solid planks, many perks come with this high-tech, manufactured design. Aside from fully extended graining from edge to edge and authentic texture throughout the planks, this type of hardwood flooring is manufactured quite differently than its solid wood counterpart. Because of this specialized craftsmanship, these slats are indeed highly durable.

Unique design equals impressive resistance rating

Engineered floors are comprised of various interconnected layers, which is one reason this installation is so durable. In addition, since each layer of material runs in different directions, you know the planks are very stable. This stability, as well, ensures no warping when the slats are exposed to humid or moist conditions. What's more, a superficial veneer layer promises that one-of-a-kind wood style that’s simply unbeatable. As such, the engineered surfacing is a popular choice for rooms that may experience some dampness, such as bathrooms, powder rooms, mudrooms, and basements. So, if you’re searching for floors with a natural wood appearance but are worried about water mishaps, an engineered installation may be a great choice.

True durability for your home makeover

Some homeowners are still uncertain about getting engineered surfacing because of the assumption it’s not on par with a solid wood installation. However, this is genuinely not the case. You see, thanks to modern-day technological advances, engineered planks are simply a different kind of wood installation and one that comes with a long list of perks. And, because of how it is manufactured, engineered slats are just as durable as solid wood. One massive bonus of this type of surfacing is its visual appeal, as it is available in such a wide assortment of stains, colors, and finishes.

High performance engineered wood floors

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