hardwood flooring installation

Are you ready to give hardwood flooring a try?

Choosing to install hardwood flooring in your home can be one of the greatest and most exciting decisions you’ll ever make. Not only does it bring one of the most timeless looks to your home, but a wealth of benefits as well. Consider the amazing lifespan this material offers, easily reaching 100 years with the proper care and maintenance. The fact that this material can be refinished is one of the reasons for this impressive lifespan, but there many more benefits in the material as well. And it’s likely to be a flooring that fits all of your requirements so let’s check it out further.

Massud & Son Floor Covering has been offering the best in service, value, and selection since 1972. We have an A+ rating with the BBB, we are a proud member of the Northern RI Chamber of Commerce, and it is our complete joy to provide exceptional service to each and every customer that walks into our Central Falls, RI showroom. If you are in need of new flooring or flooring services for your home, we invite you to visit us at your convenience.

Hardwood has been around forever, and as an all-natural resource, it stands up well to much of the everyday wear your home dishes out over the course of any given day. With just the right care and maintenance, they can have a lifespan that easily reaches 100 years, meaning you’ll only have to floor shop this one time. But they’re also customizable in so many different ways.

The first and most important thing to know about your solid hardwood floors is that they can never be installed below grade, such as in basements. The next thing you should know is that they must be acclimated prior to installation for the best outcome. This is a great way to get your new floor experience started. From there, you’ll want to choose a species that’s hard enough to stand up to your in-house traffic levels and then a stain color that perfectly complements your decor. Now you’re really on the way to the best floors you’ve ever had.

Before finishing your visit with us, make sure to speak with one of our flooring experts about the necessity of a professional installation for your wood floors. Our team has all the special tools necessary as well as all the expertise required to make sure your floors are perfect by the time we’re finished with them.