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Choose carpets in styles and colors that blend well with home decor, and you’re certain to achieve a sophisticated look. Massud & Son Floor Covering is a family-owned and operated carpet flooring retailer that has everything you need for your flooring project. To add elegance to your carpeted staircase, check out our selection of stair rods. You’ll find them in our showroom in Central Falls, Rhode Island, along with a wide variety of carpeting and other floor coverings.

Style Basics

Carpet flooring is made of fibers that are cut, looped, or cut and looped. Pile varies among these styles that are, most often, both soft and durable. Carpet pile describes the density, or thickness, of the carpet fibers as well as the length of the individual fibers.

  • Loop pile - fibers are bent in a loop and bound to their backing; level loop pile and multi-level loop pile styles are available
  • Cut pile - the loops are cut at the tip of the fibers; Saxony, with its straight fibers and even finish, is the most popular type
  • Cut and loop pile – this combination of the two piles creates different types of surface textures
The durability of cut pile is measured by turns per inch. (TPI) Fibers are twisted around each other 6 times if the TPI is 6. TPI ranges from 3.5 to 6.0. The greater the twist, the more durable and suitable for high-traffic areas.

Fiber Facts

Carpet floors
are easy to clean when they’re made with Triexta, one of the newest fibers available. Look for Mohawk’s SmartStrand brand if you’re interested in this technologically advanced fiber. Wool, a traditional and top of the line material, is ideal for master bedrooms. Nylon is the most popular fiber. Olefin, also called polypropylene, works well in a basement while polyester is great for bedrooms.

Massud & Son Floor Covering is a carpet flooring store that has been offering the best service, value, and selection to customers in New England for over 48 years. Our services include free in-home measurement, custom area rugs, carpet re-stretching, area rug binding, flooring repairs, carpet disposal, and furniture removal. You can use our online form to request a free flooring estimate. We always offer convenient financing options.