Hardwood flooring in a Central Falls, RI home from Massud & Sons

Hardwood flooring: glamorous aesthetics that add value

No one can dispute the allure of wood floors. A wood floor adds warmth and charm to any room and, whether you select solid or engineered wood flooring, you’ll add value to your property.

The importance of the floor

This surface usually takes the visual awareness in a room, so nothing makes a worse impression on anyone, whether or not they are prospective buyers, than a dirty, dingy, badly-in-need-of-repair floor.

Flooring also sets the tone of the room's overall design; in fact, designers usually encourage people to "design from the floor up," meaning that you should choose the floor first, then coordinate all other elements around it. It's also important to know that wood and wood-look floors are trending hot right now, and that's expected to last 15 or more years.

How to factor the ROI

With hardwood flooring, first, you will recoup 70% to 80% of the cost, as seen in your home's worth. Theoretically, a home initially valued at $400K could become $480K or higher.

Second, if you're thinking of selling anytime in the future, know that protective buyers will often pay 2.5% or more for a home with wood floors--plus, they sell faster and easier.

Wood flooring is also:

1.Cost-effective: Unless there is structural damage, such as warping or termite harm, it usually only takes refinishing to bring these floors back to their original luster. Both solid and engineered versions can last for decades, and all of that translates to little or no replacement costs.

2.Easy maintenance: Sweep with a soft broom, vacuum without beater bars, put mats or area rugs strategically in front of sinks and entrances, and clean periodically with a damp mop and wood cleaner.

3.Versatile: With countless species from which to choose, solid or engineered wood flooring works with any decor.

When shopping for wood floors in Central Falls, RI

There's only one place to go: Massud & Sons. Founded in 1972, the company provides high-quality hardwood or other flooring and superior installations, free quotes, and a shop at home option. Our showroom is in Central Falls, RI, and we service Smithfield, Seekonk, Providence, and Pawtucket.