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Three top-trending looks in hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring
is a timeless and classic choice, but sometimes you’ll want to refresh the room’s decor. Start at the floor!

Here are some wood trends guaranteed to be show-stoppers for years to come.

Let’s start with the colors

Light colors, such as whitewashed, gray, blond, caramel, etc., work with any decor, depending on the other design elements. These floors coordinate with just about anything.

Dark floors are sophisticated, bold, and stylish. They work particularly well when creating high contrast, such as on a dark floor with white furniture or walls. Dark wood floors are getting even darker, deeper, and richer.

Textures for the finishing touch

Three, in particular, have various levels of weathered looks.

1. Wire Brushed: The outer wood is scraped with a wire brush to get to the heartwood. It gives a smooth, distinctive and subtle rustic look to your floor.

2. Hand-scraped: Long linear scrapes are done by hand. The floors look hand-crafted with color variations between the planks.

3. Distressed: Burn holes, scratches, and scrapes make the floor look aged.

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Satin finishes in, glossy out

This is a good compromise between glossy (out) and matte (rising rapidly in popularity). There's shine with a satin finish, but it's subtle enough to hide imperfections, while glossy highlights them, many tell us.

Matte finishes, with their contemporary look, are rising in popularity, as is the smoked or fumed finish. The latter gives the hardwood flooring a gray undertone and is done mainly on oak.

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