Which cabinet colors pair best with dark hardwood flooring

Which cabinet colors pair best with dark hardwood flooring

Dark hardwood floors are sophisticated and stylish. Dark is pretty strong, so you might think your options are limited–but nothing could be further from the truth!

The truth is, almost anything can work. Just be sure all colors harmonize so the look is cohesive, not just in the room but also with the rest of the home. 

This is an excellent time to invest $25 or so in a color wheel. It helps you see what works with what. 

Here are a few hardwood flooring color suggestions for making the most significant, boldest design statement possible.

The classic black-and-white design

White cabinets with dark hardwood flooring are timeless. And it's one of the best ways to create drama. 

White is a classic and will probably never go out of style. You’ll never go wrong, whether it’s the brightest “refrigerator” hue or off-white. 

Other trending colors are cream, green, blue, gray, and earthy wood tones. They can all work well with the right shade and saturation.

The two-toned trend

These cabinets are the best of both worlds. All wood has undertones (secondary colors) and assorted variations.

Pick one out and choose it for the top or bottom. This makes coordinating your wood flooring in Central Falls, RI, easy.

An intense palette

Sometimes a cabinet color in a rich, dark hue works well with dark wood flooring. Just be sure the room has plenty of natural light and is open and airy.

Accessories should be in pale, bright colors. Otherwise, the room could look like something from an Addams Family movie!

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