hardwood flooring

Why You Need Hardwood for Your Next Redesign

With so many great surfacing options on the market nowadays, you may be wondering why you should choose hardwood flooring. Depending upon the wood species and other specifications, it might actually be an expensive alternative. However, the truth is, wood floors remain one of the best surfacing choices, a material that is low maintenance, safe, and breathtaking beautiful. With this in mind, as well as the extensive lifespan of this one-of-a-kind surfaces, the advantages of selecting hardwood, far outweigh the initial cost.

If you're still not convinced, then perhaps you should read through the following information, and decide for yourself if hardwood sounds like the best pick for your upcoming redesign. At Massud & Son Floor Covering, our Central Falls, RI pros think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Unequaled Beauty

Truly, there's nothing quite like entering a space with flawless, high-quality planks that stretch before you like endless perfection. With unrivaled beauty and a wholly unique appearance, hardwood simply never goes out of style. As one of the oldest options for surfacing materials, it's easy to see why it is indeed a favorite among homeowners looking to renovate. What's more, you also get a veritable world of colors, patterns, designs, grains, and consistencies, as there is a vast variety of tree types and species to attain any look you want.

Low Maintenance

Thanks to its protective layer of finish, sealed plank surfaces are typically more stain-resistant than some other types of materials available. But, what truly makes this options so low maintenance, is its ability to be easily repaired and refinished should the need arise. Indeed, as with any other type of surfacing, these planks can get damaged, dented, scuffed, scratched, and scraped, particularly in high-traffic locales. However, as these slats can be re-done and re-sanded, most issues can be simply smoothed out. No need to worry about a replacement!

Safe & Clean

Now, let's consider one of the biggest benefits of wood planks; it's level of safety & cleanliness. With planks, there's no degree of debris, duct, and germ absorption, thus making it a very sanitary choice. The reality is, there is no place for those particle and airborne nasties to hide on the surface. They simply get swept and mopped away during routine cleaning. And, as such, slats make for a safer, cleaner indoor living environment.