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Your guide to carpet textures

When deciding on a new carpet installation for your upcoming redesign project, you may feel stuck on what carpet texture to choose. Be it for a living room, playroom, or bedroom, there are indeed several styles of carpet that will suit your renovation – but which one would work best in your space? The texture is undoubtedly an important consideration, and that's why we’re going to cover the most popular selections for soft surfacing.


Smooth, luxurious plush is a true favorite in many houses. A flat, uniform pile provides an even, entire appearance. Its thick underfoot material offers comfort and warmth, ideal in bedrooms and dens. Though it is typically chosen in a solid color, plush fibers are indeed available in a wide range of patterns as well – something that's a contemporary, modern twist.  


With Saxony carpet, you get longer pile lengths, as it is a type of cut loop design. As such, the texture is deep and, therefore, very soft. Considered to provide a more formal appearance, Saxony fibers stand up straight, with densely packed piles. As well, it also provides an eye-pleasing uniform look, thanks to their direction and cut. As a result, Saxony is ideal in areas with less foot traffic.


Ever popular due to its ease of maintenance and durability, the cut loop pile carpet offers the best of both worlds, assuring a stylish design no matter the space. Whether your room is high or low traffic, the cut pile will work well and ensure alluring elegance. In addition, since the loops are cut relatively short, you get a soft surfacing that maintains its shape very well.

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